Thursday, June 7, 2012


It’s June, which means all eyes are on the WSOP, except mine, which is focused on work.  Since I own an ice cream shop in a tourist town, June is the start of our busiest three months, and when I say busy, I mean slammed to the point where getting a haircut is a major challenge, let alone playing poker.

Still, in the past years I’ve found time to squeeze in some SnG action either early in the AM when wifey is at work making ice cream (on those days when I don’t have banking, supplies, or laundry duties), or late at night, just to wind down.  This year, thanks to PokerStars and their ZOOM Poker, I’ll been at the 6-max table on short sessions.  So far, it seems to accomplish two things:

1.    I relieve myself of my “Poker Jones” and
2.    It helps my game when I do switch over to the Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments.

Of course, I have to remind myself to

1.    Quit when ahead, or when I’ve lost two buy-ins (no sense tossing bad money after good), and
2.    Change tactics when going from cash games to SnG action…and visa versa.

That’s a major mistake many players make - tournaments are NOT the same as cash games, and too often (to our benefit) they make mistakes at the cash tables that aren’t necessarily mistakes in a tournament (too large of a raise, too ready to go all-in on a draw), and visa versa.  Of course, I have suffered a bit of late, as I’ve gotten the worst of it in seemingly every draw situation lately.  But that’s poker.

Another note - we’ve been busier at the store than normal for the last 6 weeks, which is why blogging has been slow and erratic.  I might try to play less poker and write more, especially when other players are making their ridiculous draws.  I that if the odds are in my favor, it will all average out and eventually my 2-pair hands will reign supreme when their 2-outers miss on the river, but until then…yeah, more writing.  That’s the ticket.

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