Sunday, January 27, 2013

Your Input is Needed ... Please?

I have a post coming up in the next week that I am working on, and I’m kinda stuck.  I thought it might be a good idea to ask for input from readers, then craft the post around what kind of feedback I get.  Lazy?  Sure, but it’ll be more effective.  I hope.  Read on…

The idea is based around playing styles.  Remember, we’re talking about small-stakes tournament play, usually 1-table Sit ‘n’ Gos (although multi-table tournaments apply in this idea as well).  Specifically, there are those who try to build a big stack right off the bat, being hyper aggressive in order to get lucky and build a stack to bully others later when blinds are bigger and the antes kick in.  There are others who remain patient, pick their spots as they come, and try to play conservatively and smart (with some aggression when needed).  This group plays well, but not reckless, in order to make the money or the final table, and if they get lucky, then maybe win it all.  The first group sees no difference in finishing eighth or fourth – both of them have a return of zero, so one might as well get it in early to get big fast.

Situation:  It’s a 10-player 1 table Sit ‘n’ Go, top three get paid, and there are 6 players left.  You’re one of them – IF YOU COULD ONLY HAVE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TWO OPTIONS, WHICH WOULD YOU PREFER?

1.     A big stack to punish the other five players, or

2.     Absolute patience to pick your spots in order to get to be one of the Top 3.

Remember – you can’t have both.  If you have patience, your stack is average at best (in this scenario).  If you have the big stack, you have little patience, as you plan to continue to be hyper-aggressive.

Which would you choose, and why?

More later in the week…


  1. Big stack, no question. Once blinds are bigger, your stack size is usually no more than 10x big blind, unless you're the chip leader, so you have to be careful in getting involved. With a big stack you can take more chances, and (a) eliminate people and (b) get a bigger stack.

  2. Big stack. You can't push people with patience.