Sunday, January 12, 2014

Review Deadline is Near – Don’t Delay!

I thought if I headlined a request for some book reviews (on my books, silly) as a deadline it might shake a few loose.  Doesn’t it remind you of school, or your last paper-intense job?  Oh, you always waited until the last minute, huh?  Should have known.

Seriously, if you’ve purchased any of my books of late, it would be a help if you went on Amazon or wherever you bought it and popped your 5-star evaluation on there.  Sales have been very good for the new “ABC’s of Craps” in its first month, and a couple of nice reviews from you will be a plus (since most of the other eBooks on Craps have printed copies and they share reviews so it looks like people have reviewed the eBook but it’s really for the printed copy and since I don’t have that luxury…well, y'know).  Anyway, get off your lazy butt and write something.  If you need me to tell you what to say, I’d be happy to – just let me know (I can lie with the best of ‘em).

Speaking of nice reviews, I did get a favorable online review in the Gambling blog.  Al Moe gave it 4 stars out of 5, which I’ll take (not many of his reviews get all five stars, so I’m happy with it).  The areas he was critical of I’d like to address here (though it won’t change the rating). 

He says he would have liked some examples as to why the game is so much fun.  Well, talk is cheap – experience is priceless.  I could have told stories about some of the characters I’ve met on the tables (I did here in this blog) but Craps is to be experienced, and I’d rather spend the (limited) pages of the book instructing people so they feel empowered to try the game – and then, the experience will take care of itself.  Besides, the best “fun” one can have is winning!  On that subject Mr. Moe wondered why I didn’t offer any “systems,” and y’all know how I feel about that.  Oh, if you didn’t, read the book.

Finally, he said that I didn’t “go into some things that beginners might want to know, like how to shoot the dice…  Sigh.  See Chapter 13 of the book, “Craps Etiquette.”  As in “yes, I did!”  It’s in the middle of the chapter.  And besides, it’s not that difficult (given you follow the four bullet points I illustrated in the book).

In rebuttal, I wanted to find an online video to link to show how NOT to throw the dice, but all I came up with was THIS.  Weird.

Now go write a review.

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