Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Welcome to Whathefuckistan

It’s Spring Break in Oregon, which means I am dealing with thousands of misbehaving tourists who seem to have left their morals and common sense at home.  I also have little time to fool around with the blog, let alone play some online poker, which now looks like it’s in more danger than ever thanks to a new bill sponsored by Lindsey Graham (R-Adelson).  It also has some support from Democrats as well as the usual gang of GOPers.  Could make it through both houses, and a veto could happen, but…

How did it get to this point?

Here’s my short and sweet take - money.

We’ve known for years that we have the best Congress money can buy.  We joke about it and then watch as the courts decide corporations are people and spending limits are unconstitutional and the rich get richer and so on…and now, ONE MAN is in a position to create the next Republican Presidential Candidate by spending millions of dollars (and he has billions, so this is essentially pocket change) so that ONE ISSUE can go his way.

An issue that is NOT a major one.  NOT one that affects hunger, oil, employment, the environment…anything that might constitute a necessity to live and liberty.

No…ONE ISSUE.  A ban on an activity that millions of Americans enjoy.  To prohibit an activity…not because it’s wrong, or dangerous, or harmful.

But because it would negatively affect his profits.

Welcome to Whathefuckistan, where the world is upside down.

More after Spring Break (where the decline in morals is very evident, thank you).

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  1. Sheldon Addleson has meddled in Oregon politics as well supporting a bunch of stupid ballot measures. Eff him.