Friday, January 23, 2015

Dribs and Dabs

I had very high hopes to make posting to this blog at least a weekly event.  Alas, events have conspired to keep me away from the keyboard for prolonged periods these last few weeks.  The end is in sight, so hopefully more blogging (and work on the damn book) will be in order.

One issue that has successfully been rectified is my medical condition.  Being an older guy, I knew that I could be susceptible to any of a number of ailments to affect the male plumbing system.  I started having issues this fall, and was convinced that having to urinate on average 317 times a day wasn’t normal or productive.  So I made an appointment to see my doctor.

I did my due diligence on the matter, and researched my options.  For the record, let me state that a number of years ago I dropped a very good local doctor because he was a pill-pusher, convinced that any ailment, severe, slight, or imagined, could be dealt with by a pill, or two, or more.  His office looked like a stockroom with samples from every traveling salesman that came through town.  When he suggested that I start on alpha-blockers for my blood pressure, I asked him if my readings were out of whack that much.  “No,” he replied, “but we don’t want them to get dangerously high.”  “Wouldn’t a change in diet do the same thing?” I asked.  “Well, yeah, but with this you won’t have to forgo the foods you eat.” (Yes, he did sound like a commercial).  At the time he was high on the Atkins Diet, but he was higher on the pills.  I saw him once more – my blood pressure was lower than before, and he weighed 20 more than before (he went off Atkins, calling it a sham), and he wanted to get me on more pills. 

So despite the previous experience, I was hoping that my doctor would prescribe something to ease the pressure, so to speak.  And to my relief, he did.  And a week into the change, I can say that, so far, all seems good.  The drugs (terazosin) seem to do the job (and I could get the generic kind, so I save money), there were no side effects (not even the 4-hour-boner*, which I guess is a standard warning on just about every kind of male-based prescription nowadays…or so it seems), and if I have to be on something every day for the rest of my life, I could do worse.

Now, I can tackle the rest of what’s hampering my progress – everyone else.  That’s grist for the next post.  For now, I gotta pee.

* I must admit, I don’t know who was more disappointed in this – me, or my wife.

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