Thursday, April 16, 2015

How Easy Is It For CSIG To Fabricate? VERY!

My job is to watch Sheldon Adelson’s Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling and report on the various myths, half-truths, and outright fabrications they use to persuade people that online gambling is bad, evil, dangerous, and in need of extinction.  In the 14 months I’ve watched, I have NEVER seen a blatant, dishonest, and full-of-shit presentation as today’s post.

It’s a 10-page pdf file of a PowerPoint presentation that takes forever to load.  If you want to see it, click here and be prepared to wait – apparently, they don’t know how to do file compression to save time for downloads (don’t these people understand how the Internet works?  Oh, wait…). 

The summary goes like this:

  • Slide 1 – How easy is it for kids to gamble online?  VERY!
  • Slide 2 – Demo on how to load an app that SIMULATES a casino from iTunes
  • Slides 3-4 – Discussion as to the age restrictions for the game and how to download with password from iTunes Store account.
  • Slides 6-7 – Demo on how to get free coins from Facebook signup and more about the bright colors of the game and how easy it is to play.
  • Slides 8-10 – Explanation as to how it’s possible to buy more coins to keep playing the game.

Yeah, that’s it.  Of course, they “hype” it up a bit, using Caesar’s Slots as their example (how convenient), with this clincher:
Players are then encouraged to purchase digital gaming coins.  In essence, real money is now being used to gamble online.

Well, bullshit.

First – gambling is placing a wager in the hopes/expectation of winning something of value, such as money or prizes.  Can’t win shit here, Shelly.  It’s a FUCKING GAME, like Candy Crush or Words of Wonder.  This is NOT gambling.

Second – it’s not as simple as you showed.  Yes, the child needs to have an iTunes Store account – WHICH THEY CANNOT SET UP THEMSELVES – a PARENT must create the account for a minor.  Once they have an account they can download whatever game they want (provided it’s OK with the parents – restrictions are easy to establish). 

So, in essence, a kid can’t download a casino game if parents say no!  Gosh, that sounds completely different than what CSIG said. 

These people are pathetic. 

PS – I’m SURE they received permission from Caesar’s to use their game, logo, and screen shots in this presentation.  Right?


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