Saturday, May 23, 2015

Don’t Hate Us, but we’re on Temporary Hiatus

But it's only temporary...
Once again it’s Memorial Day weekend, and for us it means “back to the grind.”  It’s kinda funny how things have changed, where summer is now the busy season and the rest of the year isn’t.  When I was a student, fall was the start of it all, and late May/early June meant the end.  Once I got into the real world it was the same thing – my first FT job was with a bank directly across from the University of Michigan campus, so our busiest times always related to the school year.  Then I went back to college myself, then taught (along with my radio duties), so the calendar was always the same thing.  Even once I got into Market Research, it seemed that our slowest time was summer, since it was more difficult to reach people via phone during that time (and the clients would also seem to disappear for weeks at a time in July and August).

Now, for the last 14 years, summer has meant the busy season, or, as they say around here, the “high season” (though with the new marijuana laws going into effect in July they might want to reconsider).  And once again we gird our loins for seven-days-a-week action.  It’s only 8-10 hours a day now, but once school is out, you can bump that up another couple of hours.  Since we make about 70% of our revenue in the next 14 weeks, it’s difficult to gripe about 90-hour work weeks, as that’s when the customer base is here and that’s how we pay the rent (and ourselves).  Still, it was easier to do when I was 52.  That seems like a decade ago now.

What this does mean, however, is the temporary hiatus of the “Wanna Bet” blog.  I know you’re crying now, but cheer up – come September I’ll be back at it, and it’s not like I’m not still here.  I’m just not…here.  I will continue to troll Sheldon and his CSIG minions over at the Coalition to Counteract the Coalition to Stop Online Gambling, and I will follow (and participate in) the advocacy action as we gain a foothold in Pennsylvania and argue once again about California and fight Jason Chaffetz and Lindsey (no-email) Graham in Washington…and it looks like we’ll be fighting Harry (turncoat) Reid, too.  A note about Chaffetz – he might be out of action for a while as he announced that he’s undergoing gallbladder surgery.  I thought this strange as it appears to me that he already had plenty of gall.

See?  Won’t you miss me a little?

Nah.  I’ll still be here, in spirit if not in print.  I actually did four posts last summer – not sure how I found the time, but I certainly had the motivation.  The Newsweak sham piece on online gambling, James Thackston’s decrepit software, and a couple of other anti-Sheldon pieces that almost wrote themselves.  If that clownass acts up again this summer, I’ll do my best.

And in 14 short weeks, it’ll all be over.  Mostly.   Except for taxes.

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