Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Political Fallout – It’s Zuckerberg’s Fault

So many undecideds.  So much time.
I have no idea if Mark Zuckerberg is a Republican or a Democrat or Libertarian or Green Party or even if he’s apolitical. I do know that it’s his fault the 2016 political season is what it is.

And what it is, is awful.

Now I don’t mean the candidates, although I could make a great case for it.  What I’m talking about is how we’re talking about it.  Almost everyone seems to have a fear-and-loathing about this particular political season.  It’s gone on for so long, it’s so negative, it’s so violent, it’s a clown car, it’s brother against brother, it’s a room full of idiots and that’s just the people talking about their favorite candidate.

And where they talk about them is on Facebook, which is why Zuckerberg is to blame.

Think about it.  In 2012, you were just getting your feet wet with Facebook, and the term “meme” was new to you.  Besides, it was a re-election year, with Obama against an uninspiring Mitt Romney.  In 2008 both parties offered fresh faces, but Facebook was the land of youth, more for posting pics of frat parties than political ones.

This is the first full-blown (in more ways than one) Presidential race where both parties have put forth “qualified” candidates for the office.  By qualified I mean “have gobs of money.”  Supporters on both sides are passionate about their man, unless he’s Hillary, in which case they are even more vehemently so.  On both sides there is name-calling, label-tossing, false-equivilancing, rumor-mongering, and everyone posts pics with the damnest memes.  And flaming?  No wonder this is the hottest year on record.  And all that mud slinging isn't on MySpace, and never was.  

I'd guess 70% of what I see on Facebook is political in nature.  Talk about a productivity suck.  
Every time I go online to check my wall, I am face to face with so much vitriol and bile that my alcohol consumption is on the rise.  I gotta stop that.

So do you.  Can I ask everyone to tone it down a notch?  Yes, you love your candidate, but do you really need to go on like you do?  And all that bullshit that you know is bullshit.  We also know it’s bullshit, and we’re tired of slogging through the bullshit to get to the one or two nuggets of information that makes wading through all that bullshit worthwhile.  Except then we find out that the nuggets are just smaller turds.

So stop.  Also, I have another favor, and this one is more genuine.  It’s about “National Polls” for one Presidential candidate vs. the-one-on-the-other-side.  These polls don’t mean shit.  Not because Candidate A can’t beat Candidate B, or the other way ‘round, but because we do not elect the President of the United States by popular vote.  We use the Electoral College, and you CAN win the popular vote and LOSE the Electoral College.

Ask Al Gore.

So I am asking if anyone out there has done a “national poll” that tries to calculate how the Electoral College will fall out based on that poll?  Clinton’s strong showing Tuesday night in the South – is that enough to win the Southern states against Trump, or would he get those votes?  Same thing for east coast/west coast/midwest – if Trump can’t win any of those states, and Bernie can…see where I am going with this? 

Stop the 53/47 crap, and tell me who gets to 270.  Thank you.

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