Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The 82-Day Disappearing Act

It’s that time once again where I go into “Social Media hiding.”  Or hiatus.  Or whatever you’d like to call it.  It’s “tourist season” or “ice cream season” and that means a 10-14 hour work day, every day, from now until Labor Day.  So posts here will be pretty much non-existent until the fall.

It’s how we pay the bills.  It took some getting used to, and it’s not quite like it used to be, but then again, neither are we.  Granted, I haven’t written much lately.  It’s not for lack of subject matter, that’s for sure.  It’s that we’ve been super-busy already, and we’re short on staff, and…a bunch of other stuff.  The joy of entrepreneurship.

Anyway, we’re looking ahead to working 82 straight days beginning Thursday.  Because there is no other way. 

Actually, the 2016-version of the season is shorter than it has been in the past.  There are several factors for this, one being that because how Memorial Day and Labor Day fall in the calendar, the season is a week shorter than in years past (blame Leap Day for that).  Also, we’ve been taking days off mid-week this year after Memorial Day partly because (a) all my staff is still in school, and (b) we’re older than in years past.  Past years we had “adults” who could work the days when school was still in session here (it’s out in a number of places – we’re out Thursday 6/16).  All my adults have gone on to other jobs (this is a good thing, really – no one wants to scoop ice cream when they’re 25 – do they?), so I have nothing but high school kids this year.  That’s OK – I just need a couple more of ‘em.

The good news is that business is as robust as ever, so we’re not scraping for cash. 

In previous years I wouldn’t care so much.  Just roll up the ol’ sleeves and work harder.  But that was easier 10 years ago when I was 10 years younger. At 63 and change, the long hours and the uninterrupted schedule takes a toll. 

Ice cream is a younger person’s business.” 

That was a quote from a guy who owned a number of ice cream parlors back in my home state of Michigan.  He was a friend of my brother – they used to play Little League together, and he started making ice cream back in the 90’s, opened a small chain of stores, and became quite successful.  He sold out and made the “ice cream is a younger person’s business” quote just as we were hitting our stride here in Seaside.

This is a friend of my YOUNGER brother.

This was about EIGHT years ago.

Do you see the issue now?

So like I said, I doubt very much that I will post here until September.  It’s not that there isn’t plenty to discuss…Orlando…the elections…online poker’s chances for success in NY, MI, PA, and even CA.  Yeah, even California.  But all that must wait until fall. 

Work comes first.

I have no doubt that there will be plenty to discuss about online gambling by then.  I hope that with today’s overwhelming vote in the NY Senate (53-5), iGaming is on a roll.  The election will be in full swing, with both party’s nominations secure.  Sadly, there will be another mass shooting or two.  Or three.  Or several.  And here’s my “bet-the-house” wager – nothing will have changed regarding gun laws or mental illness or protection of LGBTs or anything else that might, just might, prevent another Orlando.

So lack of subject matter won’t be an issue.  [sigh].

See you in September.

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