Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The United States MUST, MUST, MUST find a way to legalize online poker, and soon.  And just like every politician that ever kissed a baby, I have a very good (read: selfish) reason - I will sell more books that way.

Here’s my rationale - the book started out OK on Amazon, but lately sales have been a trickle of their former selves…in the USA.  In the UK, I’ve sold a few, but in the last month, I’ve notched sales on Amazon.fr (France) and today - Amazon.de (that’s Germany).  And remember - the book is NOT translated from English.  So people whose native language ISN’T English but CAN play online poker LEGALLY are buying the book.

Imagine what might happen if people who already speak English (well, American English) were allowed to play poker online.  And imagine if they needed a book to tell them how to succeed at small stakes (where damn near everyone starts).  Yeah, I did.

Sigh.  Get busy, Congress.  Or some of you states that seem smarter than Congress (just about everyone).

Oh…If you already bought the books, thanks, and go on Amazon and review it.  Please.  Lie if you have to.

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