Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm Not Nagging, But...Gimme a Review, PLEASE!

If you've purchased any one of my three eBooks, first, thank you!  Second...if you have a moment, get on over to Amazon and give the book a review.  Now, be honest...don't just be sloppy-gooshy and lie and say it's the greatest book ever.  If you liked it (and I assume you did or you'd tell me, right?), give it some stars and say a few words nice-nice.
Regarding the poker book:  One fear I had in writing it was that since it was geared to beginners, those players who had some experience would think it was dumbed down (or just dumb).  You have to remember what it was like to be a donk, and playing with donks...and dinks.  It's different.  That was the whole point of the book - it's for true beginners (and the clueless who have been playing a while and finally decided to smarten up).

As for the gambling short stories book - it's fun!  And the Blackjack book - it's helpful!  And fun!

And I could sure use some reviews.


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