Saturday, December 15, 2012

Some things more important than Poker? Uh, yeah.

I had good intentions – I planned to get the last of my Christmas shopping out of the way this week, and then sit down to the keyboard and bang out a few short instructional posts for quick reading all next week, it being a holiday-ish week and all.  However…life got in the way.

First, we had some issues at the Post Office (as we have to mail everything back east…of course, everything is east of us, as we’re about 500 feet from the Pacific Ocean).  And there were a few other personal issues, and then there was a shooting at the Clackamas Mall in nearby Portland which put folks on edge and distracted from my writing mission, in that I found myself online checking for information and posting condolences to some friends who knew people who knew people who lived near people who worked at the mall and wasn’t that tragic and horrible and I also spent time arguing (not successfully, or course) with some people who certainly did NOT see this as the time to discuss gun control as everyone knows that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, etc.  The shooting, obviously, is more important as a discussion point, but the Post Office issue took more of my personal time.  Still, there was no blogging.

And so, on Friday, as most of Oregon learned the details of the mall shooting and the mall planned to reopen with extra security, I made revised plans to get back to the blog and write what I had planned to write…and then, some kids in Connecticut were cut down by another shooter, and here we are.

Yes, life goes on, provided you’re still alive, and if you’re reading this, we are.  We can thank our lucky stars, our deity, whomever we wish to thank, but here we are.  We’ll talk poker another day, but for now, we just might want to focus our attention on (a) the state of mental health care in this country, and, (b) we might finally have that discussion on guns that we always never get around to having.  This isn’t a call for control, or regulation, or new laws.  It’s a call for a discussion.  There is a reason some don’t want the discussion, let along control, regulation, or laws.  That can’t be allowed to continue.  We need to tal, and we need to talk now.

To borrow a popular phrase from the sixties – if not now, when?

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