Sunday, December 16, 2012

Y'know, you CAN play the ponies online (even if you can't play poker...)

After a 4-year absence, I went back to playing the ponies (can't play poker online, so what the heck).  Revamped the old handicapping program, and played in BRISNET's annual handicapping competition.  Out of 2000-to-3000 participants, I finished 17th (bankroll of $117.40 after 10 races, $2 bets win/place on each - that's a profit of nearly $80).  Great, right?  Not so fast - prizes awarded to the top 15 players.  Now it’s time to second-guess my selections (4 winners, 1 second), as two alternate selections came in first.  If I had used them, I would've been 6th.  Shoot.

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