Monday, February 3, 2014

NEW! Blogroll and Twitter

After 100+ posts (and more than 25 months) I finally dipped my toe into the land of Twitter.  I was afraid to get involved partly because I can’t limit myself to 140 words let alone 140 characters.  But I did it - I have a Twitter account at @MikeExinger (how original).  So go follow.

Also, I am developing a “BlogRoll” for this site, and you’re suggestions are welcome.  The only requirements:
  • They must wrote about poker and/or gambling,
  • They should write about other things as well, and it helps if their world-view runs similar to mine (left sided, mostly),
  • They must be “mature individuals” like me (I’d say “old guys” but they can be women, too),
  • They must be entirely readable - boring blog need not apply, and
  • They must know Andy Hughes.
Actually, that last one is not a requirement, but I found it funny that the first two blogs I wanted to add had actually met that requirement (and I know Andy from CC&GTCC, so if it works…don’t fix it).  Both of these guys are always worthy of a read, especially when the subject is poker or gambling.

So, when you’re tired of looking at your friends’ new selfies or posts about kittens and Bill Murray, go read these guys instead:

I shouldn’t have to tell you why.  Read and know.

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