Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Main Stream Media Gets Sheldon
It's Sunday and I have taxes to do, so no "real" post from me, but...It's nice to see that most in the MSM are getting the point of Sheldon Adelson's Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. 

There have been several articles and columns this past week taking a good, long, hard look at Sheldon's group, but certainly Howard Stutz at the LVRJ sees the forest from the trees.

Money quote (literally): "This is not a money issue with me,”Adelson told pundit Jon Ralston in an interview that appeared in Politico last week. “This is a moral issue. When I started to imagine what would happen with legalized Internet gaming, it scared the heck out of me … because of what’s it’s going to do to our society.”  (emphases mine).

Remember - online poker has been a "thing" for almost 15 years,  And he just now "started to imagine...?"  Or, maybe, there's another reason?  Like, maybe you're not getting the action?  And who elected Adelson (a multi-billionaire with profits from...uh...gambling) to be a morals leader?

But read the whole thing here.  And click here for the cartoon, too - it's also spot on.

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