Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why I don’t like NLOP / Card Player Poker (Zen Entertainment)

I had problems loading the NLOP software, and then, once I overcame that obstacle, it wouldn’t let me sign up for squat.  I fired off an angry email and, to their credit, they admitted a major problem (sort of) and apologized profusely.  They even scheduled (and invited me to) make-up freerolls.  Nice, but…it’s inexcusable to me to do all that beta-testing (which they did) and have an “improved” product that quite frankly wasn’t ready for prime time.  Since the big error-up, I’ve used the software a few times and I still don’t like it, won’t like it, and won’t be forking over $$$ to sign up.

Oh, forgot this - in order to install their update, the software suggested that I disable the User Access Control (in Vista and Win 7) or it wouldn’t work.  Are you kidding me?  More than 70% of all computers are running Vista or Win 7, and you want them to disconnect security?  Seriously?  Funny thing is, the third time this popped up I was going to do just that, and…then it allows the installation anyway.  Weird.

I don’t like their software interface.  Yes, PokerStars spoiled me - this one is not friendly to old eyes, with small buttons, harder-to-control slide betting dials, and so on.  Yes, I’m a crabby old man - get off my lawn.

Ads - 2 1/2 minutes for a Sit ‘n’ Go, and of course, all through the tournament.  A TEN MINUTE WAIT for a $50-in-cash freeroll - thank goodness not all ten minutes were full of ads (not that I was watching, anyway).

Slow, slow, slow software

Ads (I suppose you don’t get these when you pay, huh?)

The table doesn’t always pop back up when it’s your turn.  Well, it didn’t for me.  Just one of many software issues.  The pre-select buttons don’t always work, either.

Ads on the side, on the bottom, and constant reminders to do stuff so I can get more points (which is moot because I get 40 gazillion points every day just by logging on).

Did I mention the software is slow? Sometimes there’s a big gap of time between hands.  Split pots take forever. Slow, slow, s   l     o        w.

Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to make it to a break - more ads!


  1. Still just as bad...maybe next year.

  2. Take internet explorer offline and the ads won't load.