Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I Don’t Like Subscription Poker

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been trying to play poker.  Emphasis on TRYING.  Yes, I tried to take advantage of two email offers I received the first week of January - one from NLOP (also Card Player poker - both run off the Zen Entertainment system), and one from ClubWPT (via Pocket 5s).  NLOP wanted me to experience their “new software” and enticed me (and hundreds others) to play in freerolls where we could win BIG CASH ($1000).  Pocket 5s pushed ClubWPT with a free one-month membership (and I could win cash on the site in their tournaments).

Neither one worked out so well.

I wasn’t much of a fan of subscription poker in the first place.  Basically, you get some points to start with that you can use at the various tables and tournaments.  To win more points, win a tournament or two.  To win cash, compete with 700 other players who play like they’ve been playing poker* on Zynga for a while (at least 30 minutes) and love to go all in and do crazy stuff and if you make the final table you might win $10, or maybe some more points.

     * or maybe they’ve been playing Farmville.  Hard to tell, really.

The game selection is far more limited than at a money site.  The only way to make money is at the multi-table tournaments - Sit ‘n’ Gos are just going to get you more points.  Ditto the tables.  It kinda makes sense for ClubWPT as the parent organization (the World Poker Tour) is a tournament-based system.  Still, if you’re a cash-game specialist, you’re SOL at NLOP or WPT.  BFD, you say? LMFAO.

The next two posts will document why I don’t like the specific software(s) of these games, like I needed any more reasons.  Still, it’s something to discuss.

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