Friday, January 20, 2012

Why I Don’t Like ClubWPT

The ClubWPT experience is similar to my problems with NLOP, but it leaves a worse taste in my mouth.  Basically, the same kind of thing happened (which I will go into detail in a latter post, as I am still “testing”).  But while I did get some apologies (not nearly as profuse), I never received any answers. 

When I went to sign up at the link from the email it wouldn’t let me access the ClubWPT site nor download the software.  I tried everything with no luck. I finally got an email back from Dan at Pocket 5s (more helpful than the folks at ClubWPT) with an FTP site to download the software.  Loaded the software.  When I went to sign up the software wouldn’t let me create an account.  So I clicked on Customer Support and…I couldn’t get that website to pop up.  So I manually tried to get to the ClubWPT main site.  Nope.  Nada.  Just like the first time.

I finally reached customer support (guessed at their email address) and got some answers (they had some glitches), and I was able to sign on and sign up.  The first three times I tried to play, I was “thrown off” the system (acted like a disconnect, but I was still on the internet, so it wasn’t me).  I complained.  Not much in the way of apology or answers.  Finally, it happened in a multi-table tournament where I was running good (might have made the final table, maybe).  I tried to log off and get back on, with no results.  Couldn’t get the website, either (just like last time).  After an hour I gave up.

In email exchanges the next day, and in an on-line chat, here’s what I got:  uninstall the software, then reinstall it (and we’ll refund your points, which is nothing, really).  No real apology and no answers (and they treated me like a 5-year old…trust me, I KNOW how to uninstall software).  As of this writing I haven’t had any more problems, but I’m not encouraged.  After all, it’s still subscription poker.

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