Monday, April 14, 2014

What I Need is a Good Book Review

I have no right to be in such a pissy mood. 

Life is good, and today was evidence of it.  We made a large deposit from the week’s activity at the ice cream parlor – lovely weather and the tail end of Spring Break gave us (another) record weekend.  It was another sunny day at the beach.  I avoided getting called for jury duty AGAIN (only two more weeks to go). 

And you know those articles that claim that millions of Americans have billions of money on hold for them in state escrow accounts, and all it takes is a simple search “to find your missing money?”  I did that, and today I got a $127 check from the State of Louisiana for an electricity deposit at a home I rented…22 years ago.

Life is pretty damn good, but not perfect.

The warm weekend weather exposed another problem with the store’s new air conditioning unit.  Contacting the manufacturer answered my questions but raised a more troubling issue (which might necessitate litigation…an unhappy thought).  The sun left and turned to clouds and rain, meaning I’ll miss tonight’s lunar eclipse.  I forgot to post something funny today at 4:14 4/14/14.  And I still have two weeks left to get out of jury duty perform my civic responsibility in Circuit Court.

So despite the overwhelming good over the bad, I’m in a pissy mood.  And I know what will help: a good book review.  That is, a good review of one of my books.

Here’s another area where life is good – sales of my books.  The last two months have been great – on Apple’s iBooks, phenomenal (the best ever).  The new book, ABC’s of Craps, is now my second best seller (behind ABC’s of 21) in just three months.  I’ve sold books in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, and Australia (where I believe they speak a form of English, too).  I believe I’ve hit my stride (I’m no Stephen King, or Mike Caro, but I’m happy - and profitable).

But reviews?  Lately, kinda sparse.  As in, nada.  Spärlich.  Clairsemé. Nothing.

So to make me feel a bit better, how about dusting off the old laptop and writing a five-star review of one of my books (assuming you actually bought it, of course)?  Don’t be a I-didn’t-buy-the-book-but-he’s-a-friend troll and lie – if you bought any of my four eBooks on either Apple, Smashwords, Amazon, or Nook (yes, I have sold a few there…surprised me, too), go do your own civic responsibility and toss our 30-50 nice words about my book and don’t forget the five stars.  And if I actually gifted you one of the books, you owe me, and don’t forget the five stars.

On the other hand, if you haven’t bought any of the books, I won’t unfreind you.  That’s not how this works.  That’s not how any of this works.  But go buy one.


Oh, and if you happened to buy one of the books and didn’t like it, have a pissy day.

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