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  From ABC News.  Not Photoshopped.

Yes, it’s about poker.  Bear with me for a few.

I should have never written the previous two posts (about the politics of RAWA) because now I can’t stop thinking about politics in general, and that makes my head hurt.  What makes it hurt even more is the way we discuss the political process, if I even think the word “discuss” means anything like “civil discourse” or “polite dialogue.”

Which, nowadays, it doesn’t.  What transpires for the way we discuss politics is what I call “OUTRAGE DU JOUR.”

It seems we can’t discuss policy, but rather, we must argue over the fine points of some sort of scandal or gossip or outrage that may or may not involve something that may or may not be damaging to something or other that we all stand for.  And here’s the thing – the thing that somebody may or may not have done is a BIG DEAL.  Except when it isn’t.

The big topic for discussion lately has been the former Secretary of State’s emails.  Even though previous Secretaries of State (looking at you, Colin Powell) used the same system.  But it’s a big deal now, because WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S IN THOSE EMAILS.  Just like we did in 2007 when more than five million official White House emails were lost.  I remember the OUTRAGE back then…don’t you?

Of course you don’t.  Because there was no outrage.

Remember when we learned that Brian Williams fabricated his war story?  The media was all over it, and even on Facebook, I received at least a dozen different (and funny) pics of Williams “at the scene” – with the Rat Pack, with JFK, with Jesus, with the case of Star Trek, landing on the moon.  Google “Brian Williams lies” and see what you can get.

Now do it with “Bill O’Reilly lies.”  Different, huh?

Is it because we live in times where “reality TV” (which isn’t, really), is so popular?  Is it because our own lives are so mundane?  Is it because network media has to fill 24 hours with something to hold our interest and they think scandal is the only way to do it?
Yes, I'm a member.
Got a problem with that?

I don’t know, but I do know that the OUTRAGE DU JOUR meme is catching.  Here’s the cover of my most recent issue of AARP Bulletin.  Can’t just talk about issue important to seniors – gotta talk about OUTRAGE!  Which brings us to CSIG and Jason Chaffetz, who is leading barker in the House with Sheldon Adelson’s dog of a RAWA bill.

If you follow Jason’s Facebook page, you’ll note he’s not so hot on policy, but loves the OUTRAGE DU JOUR.  His oversight committee is always finding potential scandals – emails, improper payments, email, mismanagement, emails, ISIS, emails, etc.  Actually, many posts are a take from the ol’ CSIG playbook of fear and hypocrisy.

Speaking of which, that brings us to Chaffetz’s business card above.  Note his email.

And speaking of fear and hypocrisy, for the last several weeks we’ve been treated to OUTRAGE DU JOUR from Sheldon and Company about kids and gambling (not at the Sands, but potentially online), potential money laundering while gambling (not in Macau, but potentially online), and the usual crap. 
Latest crap from CSIG

And now, in a new twist, is the threat that a kid could use (somehow) a parent’s or sibling’s account and gamble.  Well, consider this - there is nothing stopping a child from taking Dad's keys and driving the car around the block - so is the answer to ban all cars?  Seriously, combine all this crap with their total lack of technological knowledge and desire to pander to their supporters neuroses, and it’s a wonder we haven’t buried this idea of banning ANYTHING on the Internet (or anything else these jokers come up with) a long time ago.

Lost in all of the OUTRAGE DU JOUR is common sense.  That’s why there is so much OUTRAGE.  These “powers that be” (and wanna be’s) do not want us to use common sense.

Or we would have voted their ass out long ago.

I promise, I will lay off the political rants.  They are bad for my blood pressure.  Thanks for reading.

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