Thursday, March 26, 2015

RAWA Science vs. Science Fiction

I wanted to put my two cents in on Wednesday’s RAWA hearing in the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations.  Though I missed it live, I read much of the testimony and the write-ups and the fact is that it came off pretty much as I expected.  Not hoped, but expected.

The tone was set when CSIG posted on their Facebook page, “Don't let anyone tell you there is technology that can make our homes safe.”  Of course, that’s not what happened yesterday, as we writers know the real secret to a successful story:

SHOW, don’t tell.  

The tech demo did exactly what CSIG feared it would - SHOW those in attendance exactly how real, live, legal online gambling works.  Really works, not some hypothetical kid in a commercial.

This is something that we in the poker/gaming-advocate world have to accept - there are some (looking at YOU, Chaffetz) that will go with the anecdotal over the proven fact just because it supports what they already believe.  Snowballs disprove Global Warming.  That kind of thinking.  Not deep at all.  On purpose.

Scare tactics (the bane of CSIG and those that fly their banner) work only on those who are ill-informed.  They might shout us down, but they can’t prevent the facts from getting out.  It’s our job to hammer away at those who ARE willing to listen.

We scored some points in the hearing, which is only Round One of what will be a long fight.  We know we’re making progress when CSIG has to warn off their minions not to “listen” to anyone who wants to tell them there’s technology that disproves all of their scary stories.  And now Chaffetz is co-opting the “States Rights” argument for his own use (saying his…er, Sheldon’s bull…er, bill actually protects States’ Rights). 

This is what they do.  They obfuscate and distort the facts. They use old and outdated (and disproved) studies.  They SCARE SCARE SCARE so that folks don’t pay attention to the truth.

Won’t work.

Remain vigilant and keep up the fight.

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