Friday, December 11, 2015

If RAWA is a Joke, Where are the Cartoons?

I have a confession to make.  Despite a career in radio, I’ve firmly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I have envied editorial cartoonists for their ability to tell a story and get a laugh all at the same time.  I harbor a secret fantasy of being like them, creating witty and relevant cartoons with a scathing message.

Problem is, I can’t draw a lick.  But I am trying to change that.  One of my two “retirement goals” is to learn to draw (the other is to play a musical instrument).  I thought I might get a jump on one of these goals prior to hanging up my ice cream scoops this off-season, and for the last couple of weeks I have been learning and practicing, all in the hopes of getting something drawn to show off.

Well.  I am no Chad Holloway, neither on the green felt nor in print.  No WSOP bracelet is in my future, but I can see the day when I can draw well enough to have something of value.

Problem is, some of my ideas deal with Sheldon Adelson and Jason Chaffetz and their plan to stop online gambling with Shelly’s RAWA bill.  And thanks to Wednesday’s hearing, RAWA might be dead, and all my good ideas down the drain thanks to an inability to illustrate effectively.  I’m getting better – faces look more realistic and I can do some expressions that are somewhat convincing, but my characters don’t have decent hands.  Kinda like my poker playing, too.

My “comic strip” idea revolves around a poker player (both live and online) and his constant companion, a poker chip, who sits on his shoulder and dispenses sage advice like a guardian angel.  Oft-times “Chip” is at odds with my nameless gambler…and one of the subjects I had planned on having them discuss was RAWA.  But RAWA might be dead and gone (I hope I hope I hope) before I ever get my shading and depth perceptions correct, so…

I have decided to put my ideas in a slightly different type of comic strip for now.  I have a few of these coming, so keep up the fight, and enjoy.

PS – send more pencils.

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