Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ten in the Dustbin

As much as I want to like moderninity, Bill Gates and his minions try everything they can to make me long for the days of slate tablets (vs. the electronic kind), encyclopedias (vs. Wikis), and apples – the fruit, not the iPod/iPad/i-yi-yi stuff.  Mr. Hewlett and Mr. Packard have also recently gone over to the dark side, it seems.  Let me explain.

Despite the warnings and misgivings, I have been considering updating to the new Windows 10 software on my laptop.  My misgivings were not just imagined doomsday scenarios; I have first-hand knowledge.  I already knew that I would only be able to upgrade the laptop we own, as the “mainframe” computer (older desktop that we use for the business and most of our personal financial/important files) is Vista-based, so Windows 10 most likely would not fly there, plus, it’s not a free upgrade, plus, it was most likely that whatever communications/compatibility we had between the two computers would be lost if I only upgraded one of them. 
The only 10 I will ever load
on my computer

Also, I spent a couple of days this fall on a visit to my in-laws to help in what can be best described as the collateral damage leftover when Mom-in-law accidentally installed Windows 10 on her computer.  I got the printer back to working condition for a time, but then the computer rebooted itself and made the mouse and keyboard disappear.  We had to call the Geek Squad (I think she has them on retainer) to fix the mess.  Of course, I’ve read countless other accounts of the havoc Windows 10 has wreaked on various operation systems worldwide.  And the fact that Microsoft used an “update” to put an icon on my desktop reminding me (nagging, really) to upgrade all the time reminded me of the old saying, “The louder the yell, the lousier the sell.”  If it was all that good folks would be flocking to upgrade, right? 

But I was still game to attempt the upgrade, until Misters H and P sent me an email that said (and I am paraphrasing here):
“Oh, hyyyyii…we thought you just might want to note that it’s entirely possible that if your HP computer was built after August 2013, it might not be entirely compatible with the new Windows 10 operating system, maybe, perhaps.  You could click here to find out (and while you’re there, consider buying a new more expensive HP system).

Well.  Microsoft has been pushing 10 for how many months, and JUST NOW you’re finding out it might not be a good fit?  And decided to TELL ME?  JEEBUS.  After I patched the hole in the wall that I had punched through, I followed the link they provided and learned that, why, yes, my laptop probably won’t be a good fit for Windows 10.  So the decision to not download it was easy.

Getting rid of that damn reminder icon was a helluva lot harder. 

Like most cell phone plans, Kim Kardashian, and Hotel California, getting in is easy, but getting out is a whole ‘nother story.  I did some research, Google-ing, “how the hell do I get rid of this damn Windows 10 icon?” and after making several changes and rebooting THREE TIMES after doing so, I have rid myself of the damn tray icon.  For now, at least.  If you’re interested, three good sources for DIY removal are here, here, and here.

And I would tell Bill Gates to take his Windows 10 and shove it up his ass, but it’s getting crowded up there with several copies of Windows ME and a couple of Zunes.

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