Sunday, December 6, 2015

We Like Murder?

I am almost ashamed to make this post, because to do so means I actually read some of the crap I am to tell you about.  The event in question occurred in 2014, so it’s not recent, but what happened today is (obviously), and it’s that that I wish to opine upon.

First – this is not about guns, nor crime, nor Donald Trump.  It is about how people “see” a situation that at first blush looks like murder, cold and simple, and then…somehow some folks see a hero, see true justice, see vindication or something…and “like” it (in a Facebookian sort of way).

What happened today was a post on a Facebook site called “We Support Donald Trump.”  It is NOT an official Donald Trump site.  It DOES have more than 195,000 followers.  It posts a lot of stuff, about one post every 20 minutes or so (no, really, a LOT of stuff) and half is actually related to Trump or the campaign.  Earlier today the following was posted:
This is the molester (dead now)
The event in question (the shooting) happened last year, so I don’t know why, exactly, the need to post it today.  But what happened is this: Jay Maynor, an Alabama father shot Ray Brooks (pictured) who was tried and convicted of molestation of the shooter’s 7-year old daughter.  Why was this sex offender not in jail?  Because the molestation and trial occurred a long time ago – the crime in 2001, with Brooks pleading guilty in 2002.  He got five years and restitution; served 27 months and made restitution.

And got shot and killed several years later.  Because…why?

So far, of the eight different stories I’ve read about this, it’s not clear.  The best I’ve come up with was an interview with the molestation victim (who would now be 21) that Maynor, “lost control of his emotions.”  OK, then.

What IS clear is that, while the majority of opinion is very clear that this is premeditated murder, there are some using the term “hero.”  There was a petition started to have a reasonable bond set.  There was a Facebook page that was set up to raise funds for Maynor (it’s gone now).  And the Facebook post that I saw has 26 “likes” on it – including one of my FB friends, which is why it found its way onto my news feed.

So let me be clear – there are some (not many), but some people who “like” the idea of tossing aside our justice system, EVEN WHEN IT WORKS, and taking matters into their own hands.  This is seen by the “likers” as a GOOD thing.

Do we even wonder why we are so fucked up as a nation?  How can you possibly think this is a “good” thing?  Can anyone illuminate me?  I am lost on this one.

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