Monday, December 23, 2013

Dice Control - Do Not Make Me Laugh (and coupon)

So the question was asked – can you really control the dice when you throw them in Craps?  My immediate answer was “I hardly think so,” but a quick check of the literature (aka “the Internet”) finds lots of hits for “dice control.”  Is it real?  My best answer now is “maybe, but chances are (get it?) you can’t do it.”

Many of the hot Craps books center on such techniques.  It’s nothing new – something called the “blanket roll” was around in the 20’s (that’s 1920’s, podnuh), although much of this technique was less “throw” and more “gentle toss with hardly any rotation.”  Into a blanket to reduce the variance.  Yeah, kinda not legal nowadays.

Except, the techniques employed by those who claim dice control isn’t much different.  I am paraphrasing some of the steps from a couple of websites on dice control here…it’s really quite simple:
  • Set the dice in a specific configuration before throwing them.
  • Stand at the “right” distance from the table’s back wall (and another site suggested that you be “perfectly perpendicular”).
  • Grip the dice properly (tight so there is no space between).
  • Throw them softly and properly – one site suggested “proper backswing;” another said “with minimum rotation on the perpendicular axis.”
  • Make certain that you throw them the same way each and every time.
  • Practice, practice, practice.

See?  Simple.  On one site the dice controller said it only took, “…six months of practice before I knew I had an edge and was comfortable going into the casinos to play.”  So if you have nothing better to do between now and June, grab some dice and get busy.

Obviously this isn't a goal for most folks.  I would also add some other knowledge here.  For one thing, there IS a reason that the casino has those knobby bumps all around the Craps table.  To make the dice spin and roll unpredictably, of course.  Another thing – you can’t roll the dice all the time – everyone else at the table gets a chance.  And finally, I had to laugh at one YouTube video showing a controlled throw – they were tossing the dice on what looked like a standard Craps table, but there was smooth carpet along the sides of the table (where those knobby bumps should be).  A little easier to control, maybe?

The thing is, it doesn't take much “control” to alter the odds so that the house loses its edge.  One website claimed that by rolling one fewer “seven” in 50 rolls would be enough to wipe out the house’s advantage.  That’s not a lot…control it a bit more, and you’d have the edge.  If you could do it.  Predictably.  Consistently.  Reliably.

Knock yourself out.

I don’t doubt for a second that there are players out there who claim to control the dice.  I don’t dispute that there are plenty of players who want to learn how to do it.  It makes for a wonderful opportunity – to sell books.  Not me, thank you.

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