Sunday, December 15, 2013

More About the new eBook!

Does the world need another book about Craps?  Probably not, though I was never satisfied that anything currently out there meets the needs of the true “beginner.”  Did I need to write another eBook?  Yes – it keeps me off the streets, and maintains my mind’s sharpness.  Well, as much as possible,

I always thought that the poker book – Be The King – might be my claim to fame. It’s a good book, but I had the misfortune of finishing it later than I expected – right after the infamous “Black Friday” that pretty much killed online poker in the USA.  I suppose one might be surprised that I sold any after that, but I did…but I never had the success with Be The King that came with the ABC’s of 21.  So the Craps book followed along in that same vein, and…there are more to come.

I foresee another book about poker, this time centered on home games (since all you can do online is amuse yourself with play money unless you’re lucky enough to live in NV, NJ, or DE.  For now, anyway.)  I’ve outlined another online poker book when/if that becomes a reality again here, and I have an idea for a book on horse racing handicapping (where much of today’s betting happens online, too).  And who knows what will follow after that?

I may not sell a ton of ‘em, but at least two things will be accomplished:
  1. I will exorcise this need to put things in writing.  Good therapy, and
  2. Somebody might learn something they didn’t know before
Every little bit helps.  BTW...from now until the end of 2013, you can take 30% off! The ABC's of Craps.  And you can take 20% off any of my other eBooks.

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