Sunday, December 29, 2013

Odds and Ends for the End of the Year

This and that to clear the way for the new year…

Zynga and Heifer, International – I wrote about your ability to donate to a good cause simply by playing free poker on the Zynga site ( and I am happy to report that they have reached their goal of $200Billion (in chips) donated, which translates to $200,000 in cash for Heifer.  And since the gift will be matched, that means a lot of goats, sheep, camels, bees, and so forth for deserving families across the globe. 

One thing I like about Heifer is that, to participate, you have to agree to “pay it forward” once you establish your herd.  That means one of your first-born (of the goats, sheep, etc.) are given to another deserving family.  And so it goes.  There’s till time to give at Zynga Poker – see my earlier post as to how to activate your button.

eBook news – My fellow author, casino chip collector, and gambling authority for Al Moe has given me a plug in his latest column.  He writes about making resolutions for the new year – specifically, learning a new game, and that’s where my new eBook, The ABC’s of Craps, comes in (as many casino patrons would like to play, but don’t know how – nice lead-in, Al).  His column is here: 
Since I also believe in “paying it forward” it would behoove me to tell you about his new eBook, Mob City (Reno).  If you thought Las Vegas was the only spot in Nevada where the underworld ran the town, think again.  And…they were in Reno first.  It’s available for $2.99 (Kindle) and he also has a paperback version at Amazon for those of you not electronically inclined.  Go here:

Last Call for Coupons – You have until Tuesday night to get 20%-30% off all my books at Smashwords.  Go to:
And use the specific coupon code shown below for each book, and thanks!
  • The ABC’s of Craps – was $3.99, now $2.79 – Use code HE85J
  • The ABC’s of 21– was $2.99, now $2.39 – Use code XF67M
  • Be The King! (of Small-Stakes Tournaments) – was $6.99, now $5.59 – Use code NQ65Z
  • Let the Chips Fall: A Collection of Short Stories About Gambling – was $2.99, now $2.39 – Use code CX87K
And that’s it for 2013.  It’s been a very good year, and we’ll talk about it next year.  Until then, I wish you the best – may your 2014 bring you peace, joy, and prosperity.
Not necessarily in that order.

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