Monday, December 26, 2011

Did Christmas Come Early for Online Poker?

Actually, it appears that Christmas came right at Christmas time, as the memory of “Black Friday” may soon be just that – a memory.  Two important bits of info for those of you (like me) hankering for a return of real online poker (for money, not that fluky free crap) – one, the DOJ recent clarification about online gambling and poker (made in September but just released), and the Nevada legislature’s new rules for licensing online poker (see links below).  Despite the US government’s inaction, perhaps the states will take matters into their own hands.  We’ll see, as my Mom says.  Should be an interesting 2012…and I am very hopeful things will happen, and soon.

In the meantime, this would be a perfect opportunity to get your game to the next level.  May I humbly suggest a book to read that may assist you in this endeavor?  My book?  See at right, and thanks… 

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