Friday, December 9, 2011

The ebook (MY ebook) has arrived!

I will no doubt squawk about this repeatedly over the next few days, I am THAT excited.  After a lot of work, editing, and learning all about new eBook formats (I have opinions now that I did not before), I have FINALLY published my first eBook!  Here’s the details:

TITLE: Be the King! (of Small-Stakes Tournaments)
SUBTITLE: Poker strategies designed for the novice and the nervous
If you’ve seen Poker tournaments on TV, you’ve seen amateurs and poker-unknowns battle it out with top professionals for millions of dollars.  If you’ve played poker online, chances are you’ve played for much, much less than that.

This is YOUR strategy book.
All the top strategy books have worthwhile information and are great for top-line players, but for the rest of us (the small stakes 90%), we are in need of something a bit different, because the conditions at those $10,000 buy-in tournaments don’t exist in our $5 Sit ‘n’ Gos.  So in the vein of “it takes one to know one,” a winning small-stakes Hold ‘em player (and gambling writer) shares insights as to how you, too can “Be the King” (of small stakes tournaments.
This easy-to-read guide is specifically designed for “the poker novice and the nervous.”  It contains real-world ideas and strategies to so that players can play aggressively (but not like a maniac), understand opponents’ thinking (and lack thereof), and make the final table.  And win!

If you’re going to plop down what this book costs in entry fees without a second thought, why not “invest” that money instead on a way to actually win some of your money back?

Be the King!

So where do you get it?  Here’s the main link:

The book is in ALL formats - Kindle, Nook, etc.  There’s also a .PDF version and an .HTML version.  In other words, no excuse not to whip out the old card and spend $6.99 for a quick education on small-stakes poker tournament strategies.

You can also do a free preview (of the first part of the book) here, so what ARE you waiting for?

No doubt I will put up a permanent ad on this site once I learn how...

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