Sunday, December 11, 2011

So why buy your own book?

This isn't just about ebook publishing, but for ANYTHING you put your name on (or your boss's name).  Review it.  Don't just assume that everything went "as planned" because it rarely does (see my story below).  Before the below occurred, I thought about two other such cases (not mine, thank you).
  1. There was a local art sale where I went to the website to review the items, and all I saw was the red X (as in, no picture).  I noticed that the link to the pictures all began "C:\PROGRAMS\FRONTPAGE\..."  So, when I contacted the gallery host, I was told "It looks OK on my computer."  I asked them if they were looking at the Internet, or how it was created in their FrontPage program (this was a while ago).  "Oh....yeah, I can't see it either."  They never bothered to check the web, but only looked at it on their computer (and of course, all the pics were there!).
  2. I was a beta tester a long time ago for a video content producer.  When I signed up, I only had Internet access at work, and so the video looked great...just like they said it would.  Because we both were using T1 lines.  Two months into the project I finally got a 56K modem set up at home, and   it   was   much   s  l  o  w  e  r.  And they couldn't understand why.  because THEY had never tried it on a phone line.  When they did...they  also  saw  that  it     w a s     m..."  Well, y'know.
At the ice cream shop, we insist that the clerks go out to the lobby every so often to make certain that the displays look like they're supposed to look.  And you can't tell by being BEHIND the counter, so we toss 'em out in the lobby.  That works.

So make it a habit to check your work like the rest of the world checks it.

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