Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why an eBook? Let me count the ways…

A friend asked me why I decided to publish “Be the King” as an eBook, especially since I don’t own a Kindle or Nook or even a cell phone!  The main reason is simple - the book is geared toward online play, and younger poker players, and THEY are most likely to have such devices (or consider utilizing an eBook) and hence, duh!

There are other reasons…because of the special nature of the book (poker tournament strategies), the market for same would be…small (this isn’t something you’d expect to see in a mass-market publication from Random House).  The expense (to me) to get it published in PAPER would be considerable, provided I actually COULD get it published.  Not to diss my own writing skills, but this isn’t the first book I’ve written.  It IS the first one to see the light of day by being published, however.

In fact, I plan to take portions of that unpublished tome (on gambling) and publish them (updated, of course) as eBooks.  And that’s another advantage of eBooks - they can be updated!  Ain’t technology grand?

Now I still don’t own a device, but I have equipped my computer with the Kindle for PC, and I’ve downloaded a few books to “get the hang” of reading this way.  You can teach an old dog, etc. etc.

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  1. You would be astounded by the iPad....I completely thought it would fail, but as an ereader, blog jotter, etc., the portability and power are simply awesome. I haven't read all of your book yet, but will. I've only played in one Texas hold em tourney with about 45 guys. I left at third place with a $100 more than my buy-in in my pocket. I used to play a lot at home, but haven't in a long time, even though I've been to Vegas recently. I look forward to seeing the insights your book may have for me. I