Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The reviews are (not) in…but soon…

Now that I’ve had a chance to catch my breath (never easy during the holiday season), I’ve been doing a little shameless self-promotion getting the word out about the eBook.  OK, it’s part promotion and part self-flagellation, in that I’ve been contacting various poker blogs, poker sites, poker magazines…anything and everything poker (almost) to tell them about the eBook and to solicit reviews.  My ego can take it - and I really do want to know, good or bad, what people think of it.

I do know, like so much in life, that “people will think what they want to think” regardless of whether they’re right or not.  Those of you who ever had me for a teacher know about that.  Of course, you also know that I’m a big fan of trends - if some people think one way and some think another - this can leave room for some doubt.  If EVERYONE thinks you’re an ass…they just might be on to something. 

Hopefully those who review the book will remember my target audience (the novice and the nervous) and find that I’ve provided enough information to justify the $6.99 price.  In addition, I hope they’ll notice the material is provided in an easy-to-follow manner to encourage people to actually READ the damn thing and then follow through on what it says.

I had a phone interview with a reviewer earlier today.  Al Spath gave the book a read (already!) and provided me with some good insights (and some credit).  I am hopeful that others will do likewise.

If, for some reason, you are a poker writer, reviewer, or other poker dignitary that I somehow left off my mass mailing, and would like a copy of the eBook for review, contact me at the email address:  mike dot exinger at gmail dot com - specific format (.pdf file is easiest for those without a Kindle or Nook), and give me an idea when and where you’d review the eBook.

Oh, and if you bought the eBook (bless you), feel free to post a review at the site where you bought it (though I think they’ll let you post a review at Amazon even if you bought it somewhere else, hint hint).  Don’t lie, be honest, be fair, and remember that I know where your kids go to school.

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